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Don't Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

 It's not nice to badger people. That's why you have business rules. You want to make sure that nobody gets called more than a certain number of times in a given span. If somebody is "Busy", you want to call them back soon. If the number is "No Answer", you should wait at least a certain amount of time before trying them again. Don't hammer your contacts.

It's great to have software that does that automatically for you. That's why we built it into the VitalVox Hosted Call Center ACD. 

How To Give The Right Call To The Right Agent, Every Time

You want to make sure that the call goes to an agent who is capable of handling the call. You've got a series of queues to handle different types of calls, and a set of agents with different skills.

Not every agent you hire is going to be good at everything the call center does. Not every tech support person is going to be a level II or level III tech. Not every sales agent is going to be a closer. And of course not everyone of your reservation agents understand Spanish.

Getting Your Agents Into the Cloud

You've got your hosted call center software ready to go. You've worked on your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. You've advertised your phone number. You've tested and tweaked and are ready to go. So how do you handle agents?

Managing your call center agents is always going to be the biggest job in the call center.  So they have to be front and center in your planning. With hosted call center software, you don't even need to have a call center. Virtual call center, virtual floor.