Skills-Based Routing and Priorities

Getting the Caller to the Right Agent

Matching the call with an agent competent to handle the call is a key factor in customer satisfaction. Your call center software should make this easy to do. Skills-based routing is the term for matching agents with the right skillset to answer your incoming calls.

Benefits of a skills-based approach are:

  • Reduced call handling time. Calls get to the right agent each time, reducing the number of transfers and time wasted getting the right party into the call.
  • Better customer satisfaction. Your callers can get the right response right away.
  • Better agent management. Skill priorities let you hold key personnel in reserve, but get them into the queues when call volumes are high.


Agent Skills

Agent skills are simply tags that represent a particular skill. You can assign multiple skills to an agent, and require multiple skills for a queue. Your agents will only handle calls from queues where they have all the required skills, but they will be able to take calls from all the queues they are able to handle. This keeps you from having to constantly manage queue assignments, while keeping the login process simple and easy to manage from the agent's perspective.

Skill Priorities

Different agents have different levels of ability. Some agents may be better at a certain language, or have more technical know-how. You can use skill priorities to decide who is going to get the call first, or to hold someone in reserve for higher priority calls. The priority is simply a number you can set, so you can decide how it should work.

Queue Priorities

Sometimes you need to make sure the longest waiting call in any queue gets answered first. Other times, you have to make sure calls in a certain queue get answered first. Queue priorities give you a simple way to say which is which. If an agent can take calls from more than one queue with a waiting call, the queue with the greatest priority gets handled first. If the two queues have the same priority, the call that's waited the longest gets handed out. Again, it's something you set so you can manage it easily.