Hosted Predictive Dialer

VitalVox offers an advanced, feature rich self-pacing predictive dialer that is capable of running multiple concurrent outbound dialing campaigns. It is an integral part of our hosted contact center solution. Within this outbound contact center technology platform, several different dialling modes are at your disposal: Preview, Progressive, and Predictive dialing. All modes of dialling can use the Script-Builder technology that allow for sophisticated agent to customer interactions and powerful data collection with adaptive script branching. Our hosted dialer has a complete set of lead management tools for managing your lists. With live dashboards and historical live view of the dialling results, the Outbound Dialer will provide a detailed stats on your agents, list performance and production targets.

How can a Predictive Dialer benefit my contact center?

If your organization makes outbound calls, a predictive dialer can increase productivity and reduce labour costs. Often, outbound agents will spend time dialing numbers or listening to phones ringing that never get answered, or busy signals. Our predictive dialer will eliminate this wastefulness by connecting only the successful (or "live") calls within a fraction of a second. The dialer will intelligently pace itself to ensure to minimize the amount of idle time between calls which will maximize the amount of talk time your agents generate each hour. Each outbound campaign can run it's own predictive dialer with  different settings so that differect list penetration methods can be applied to each.  

How does the Predictive Dialer work?

An efficient predictive dialer can dramatically improve production stats while minizing the risk of a TCPA violation. A predictive dialer is different from an auto dialer, a power dialer or a fixed rate dialer as a predictive dialer will pace the dial rate intelligently based on the current hit rate, the age of the dials currently in progress and the number of waiting agents. A good predictive dialer will connect the agent to a live call within milliseconds of the live call answering. The wait time between calls will be minimized when a predictive dialer is used.

Since a predictive dialer will dial more phone numbers than available agents, it can can create a situation where the dialer abandons calls, should there be no agent available to take a next connected call. An intelligent dialer will pace properly to keep the abandoned calls to minimum. In United States, the FCC mandates that abandon calls be less than 3% of the total calls connected.