Hosted IVR

Having a robust IVR is key to handling your customers needs in an efficient manner.  We can help design the perfect IVR solution for your needs and with our Visual IVR Designer you'll be able to modify IVRs with ease.   Our hosted platform gives your access to this  GUI tool to develop IVR and call routing in the Cloud.

It can be used to build Auto - Attendants, company directories, direct calls to the correct customer service representatives and build self assisted solutions that will lower your costs and improve customer satisification.

Visual IVR Designer Features

  • Web based WYSWYG Interface
  • Create sophisticated IVR's with hundreds of steps
  • Integrate to Web Services with easy-to-use operations to send and retrieve data
  • DTMF recognition for branching or for capture of information
  • Branch to Queues
  • Branch to Other Dialplans
  • Record Voice Responses
  • Create Billing Events