How To Give The Right Call To The Right Agent, Every Time

You want to make sure that the call goes to an agent who is capable of handling the call. You've got a series of queues to handle different types of calls, and a set of agents with different skills.

Not every agent you hire is going to be good at everything the call center does. Not every tech support person is going to be a level II or level III tech. Not every sales agent is going to be a closer. And of course not everyone of your reservation agents understand Spanish.

The way you can handle that is skills based routing. The primary unit is the skill. Each skill is just a tag. It indicates an ability the agent has, or that the queue requires. Each agent and each queue has one or more of tags.

On the agent side, you may have Jane. She handles tech support and can help out in the  qualifier queue. So Jane has the skills “Qualify”, “Tech One”, and “Tech Two”. Maria has “Qualify” and speaks Spanish. Rosa doesn't have the tech call support ability. So Maria would have the skills “Qualify” and “Spanish”. 

On the queue side, you may have the following queues:

  • Qualifiers. It has the skill “Qualify”
  • Qualifier Spanish. It has two skills: “Qualify” and “Spanish”. 
  • Tech Support 1
  • Tech Support 2, 
  • Tech Support Spanish. 


When Jane logs in, she will be in the "Qualifiers", "Tech Support 1" and "Tech  Support 2" queues.   Maria can take calls from "Qualifiers" and "Qualifiers Spanish". She doesn't get calls from any of the tech support queues. Notice in this case that neither of them can take calls from the "Tech Support Spanish" queue.

When you're using skills based routing, managing your employees gets easier. You don't have to manually assign them to different queues. All you do is survey the skills they have and assign the appropriate skills. The queue assignment takes care of itself.