5 Keys To Keeping Your Callers Happy

Nobody likes to wait. You know that from your own experience waiting on hold. Yet so many call centers get the waiting experience wrong. Long, long waits with no feedback on how long the wait might be. No way to break out of the call without hanging up. No options at all.

When setting up your hosted call center ACD you have to make sure you're giving your callers the services they need in order to avoid driving them crazy. Here are five things you can do to keep your clients happy, reduce wait times, and therefore increase the number of successful calls:

  1. Set A Maximum Queue Size.If your queue has 20 agents servicing it, there's no point in letting 100 calls pile up in your queue. Too many callers will abandon before reaching a live agent. You should set a queue size that is a good estimate of the maximum number of callers you could handle in a peak. This is somewhat related to:
  2. Set A Queue Timeout. If callers are waiting beyond a certain point, they should have an option to do something else. Don't set a queue timeout and then have it hang up on the caller. Make sure your dialplan involves a spillover plan in case of 1) or 2) happening.
  3.  Play Queue Position Messages. If you configure your queue to play a positional message every so often, callers can estimate for themselves how long they are likely to have to wait. They may decide to wait if it sounds like they're moving through the queue, or they may decide to call back at non-peak times. Either way, they have the information to make an informed decision.
  4. Let Them Break Out and Go Somewhere Else. Sometimes it isn't important to reach a live agent. A caller may be happy leaving a voicemail with an appropriate party. Or there may be a self-service option the caller didn't want to try before, but a couple of minutes of waiting has them feeling more adventurous. There are a number of things you can set up to be activated on a key press by the client. Think about what they might want to do after a few minutes of waiting, and give them those options.
  5. Give them a Callback Option. Your agents are working as hard as they can, and they will get to the caller. Meanwhile, your caller has a sore neck or wants to go get a drink. If it could be awhile, you can give the caller the option to hang up the call without losing their queue position. When their call would have been connected to a live agent, the agent will see the information and hit "Dial" on their screen to reconnect with the caller. It's a win-win: the caller was able to relax a bit while waiting, and the agent still gets the call (and a much happier client) when they would have anyway.


It's all too often that a call center software system with limited features is put in place, depriving call centers and callers of options that can really improve the customer experience. When you have a full-featured contact center system, you have real options to delight your callers.